Play a part in the success of future ESSEC graduates and help them uncover their potential.

Following the success of an initial exploratory phase and with a community of nearly 200 mentors, the MENTORING by ESSEC program is starting up again in 2022.

In line with ESSEC’s values of humanism, innovation and excellence, this program aims to facilitate the professional integration and success of students thanks to personalized guidance by alumni.

ESSEC graduates have a wealth of expertise to offer on the world of work, careers, organizations and professional codes thanks to the variety of positions, fields and geographical areas in which they have worked. The diverse backgrounds of the 54,000 alumni of the ESSEC Group should enable every student to have a mentor who is aligned with his or her career path.

The MENTORING by ESSEC program is a valuable opportunity for students, providing exchanges that will allow them to benefit from the experience of their mentor and help perfect their professional project.

You too can play a part in this program of intergenerational solidarity and knowledge sharing by joining the community of ESSEC mentors.


Mentoring typically consists of three to four exchanges over a period of nine to 12 months between students and their mentors. Each student-mentor pair is free to organize their collaboration as desired, with no obligation to meet in person. In order to facilitate exchanges between students and mentors, the MENTORING by ESSEC platform has a dedicated online messaging system as well as a video conference system.

All you need is to be a graduate of the ESSEC Group, to be still working, to have at least three years of professional experience and, finally, to register on the dedicated platform.

Go to the platform to complete your mentor profile. Then click on the “SIGN IN” button to log in via your ESSEC Alumni account (or by creating an account) and fill in a brief questionnaire on your professional experience and interests. Note that questions, though in English, may be answered in either English or French. Finally, finalize your registration by confirming your commitment.

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