Speed Recruiting

Information: all events will be entirely online until further notice

Multiply interviews and increase your chances to find the perfect applicant


Meet during a half-day all the ESSEC students who would apply to the job offer of your choice


  • Hire our students for a specific position


Between one hour and three hours of speed-recruiting


On our Cergy campus

Communication to students

  • Event published on Jobteaser

  • 1 publication on the ESSEC Career Services Bot Messenger

  • Publication on 2 Career newsletters sent on Monday morning to all the students

  • 2 invitations by email to targeted students

  • 20 posters on the campus

  • 100 flyers distributed on the campus

  • Publication in the campus screens

  • 1 Google Calendar confirmation for all registered students

What does involve "Speed recruiting"?

  • Three hours of speed-recruiting with our students

  • The possibility to have a prior selection of the candidates

  • The attending students CV book

  • Communication to students about your event

  • Support from a collaborator of the career services during your presence on our campus